Landscaping Services

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Landscape Services

icon1Design Layout
At Artistic Landscape we work with you to come up with the best possible layout for your specific needs.  We use the latest in professional software modelling and have over 10 years in landscaping design layout.


icon1Garden Layout
When it comes to creating the garden you’ve been looking for, Artistic Landscapes can help.  In addition to creating an Artistic masterpiece, we are specialists in designing a well-rounded garden that can include; perennial plants, small trees and shrubs, flower beds all mixed with your favourite annuals.


Where, when and how to plant are strategies that should often be left to experts.  Our knowledgeable staff will help determine these answers to all of your planting needs.  Site assessment, site groundwork, root preparation and correct depth placement are all things that need to be considered.


icon1Sod Placement
There is a lot more to laying sod then just rolling some over the ground.  Let the experts at Artistic Landscapes take care of your job – we have a handle on tilling, soil testing, fertilizing, application procedures and watering schedules.


Along with our superb knowledge in landscaping, trust Artistic Landscapes to design and execute on all of your stone and interlocking jobs you may be thinking of.  We offer hundreds of design and stone options that are sure to fit your budget and your taste.


icon1Retaining Walls
Whether your property needs a retaining wall for structural or aesthetic reasons – or both, we can deliver.  Along with great landscaping design, adding a retaining wall will increase the dramatic look that you are looking for.


icon1Driveways and Sidewalks
Incorporating the latest in techniques and technology, we are sure that we can offer you a project that will not only increase the look of your property but will surely increase the value as well.


Embarking on an interlocking project requires complete professionalism.  At Artistic Landscapes we are experts in installing interlocking of any shape and size.  We also carry a large selection of stone and brick that will make any project beautiful.